Photo by Gina Long

Now that you’re sipping beverages with friends, watching the kids play hide and seek, or just gazing into your dream garden from the kitchen window, we’re here to help you keep it thriving and bringing you joy for years to come.

Not unlike a car, a beautifully crafted landscape requires care. Cars need tune ups, oil changes, gas and insurance to keep them in tip top shape. Your landscape has similar needs. Irrigation must be adjusted regularly, soil needs to be amended, and plants need attentive pruning, shaping and cleaning by skilled horticulturally trained professionals.

We’re here with just such a team to make sure that each plant and your whole garden is attended to as it should be, and ready for visitors any day of the week.

Package A (recommended for larger properties)
Weekly visits
2 gardeners
2-3 hrs/wk*
Cost range: $600-$1100/month

Photo by Gina Long

Package B
Bi-monthly visits
2 gardeners
2-3 hrs/twice per month*
Cost range: $300-$450/month

Package C
Monthly visits
2 gardeners
3-4 hrs/mo**
Cost range: $225-$300/month

Click here for standard maintenance agreement and list of services provided.

*Maintenance is billed per person/per hour and is reliant on conditions such as weather, damage from natural events and client requests.
**Monthly visits are typically longer due to longer intervals in service. (626)390-3120